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Family Details
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Generation Generation No 2
Family -Member

6. CHARLES2 PENNY (GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born 1850 in Stanton Drew, Somerset, and died1922 in Stanton Drew, Som, Eng.
He married CHRISTIANA 'PENNY' Abt. 1870. She was born 1851 in Chew Stoke, Som, Eng, and died 1925 in Stanton Drew, Som, Eng.

Census Details

Census Location Family
1881   Dwelling Upper Stanton
Census Place Stanton Drew, Somerset, England  
Charles PENNY Head M Male 30 Stanton Drew, Somerset, England Farm Labourer
Christiana PENNY Wife M Female 24 Chew Stoke, Somerset, England Farm Labourer
George PENNY Son U Male 10 Chew Stoke, Somerset, England Scholar
Jane PENNY Daughter U Female 2 Stanton Drew, Somerset, England
Charles PENNY Son Male 3 m Stanton Drew, Somerset, England 
Census Location Family
1891  Dwelling:
Census Place: Stanton Drew, Som 
Christian Surname Rel: Marr Age Occupation Birthplace
Charles PENNY Head Marr 41 Farm labourer Stanton Drew, Som
Christiana PENNY Wife Marr 40 Chew Stoke, Som
Jane PENNY Daur 13 Stanton Drew, Som
Charles PENNY Son 10 Stanton Drew, Som
Alice PENNY Daur 7 Stanton Drew, Som
Henry PENNY Son 4 Stanton Drew, Som
Daisy PENNY Daur 5 months Stanton Drew, Som 

More Photos & Notes

i. GEORGE4 PENNY, b. 1871, Chew Stoke, Somerset; d. Unknown.
iii. CHARLES PENNY, b. 1882, Stanton Drew, Somerset; d. Unknown.
iv. ALICE PENNY, b. 1884, Stanton Drew, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.
v. HENRY PENNY, b. 1886, Stanton Drew, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.
vi. DAISY PENNY, b. 1891, Stanton Drew, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.
vii. LILY PENNY, b. 1894, Stanton Drew, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.